“The property of the people belongs to the people. To take it from them by taxation cannot be justified except by urgent public necessity. Unless this principle be recognized our country is no longer secure, our people no longer free.”

President Calvin Coolidge, Adequate Brevity – 1924


Reid Robbins
CPNYS Executive Committee
Town of Manchester
Benjamin Allen
Vice Chairman
City of Geneva
Mark DeRuyter
CPNYS State Committee
Town of Geneva
Leslie Racine
Town of Victor

Executive Committee

Kevin Cotter – OCCP Chaplin, CPNYS State Committee Member – Town of Canandaigua

Michael Evangelista – Town of Seneca

Michael Salotti – City of Geneva

Brett Templar – Town of Bloomfield

Elaine Liberio – Town of Manchester

Thomas Whipple – CPNYS State Committee Member – Town of Gorham

Gary Zielinski – City of Canandaigua