Ontario County Conservatives Endorse Beth Parlato for New York’s 27th Congressional District

At a meeting of the Ontario County Conservative Party, Beth Parlato received the unanimous endorsement for the New York 27th district. It was her principled conservative values and conviction, along with her raw passion for her home district which earned the endorsement. Even before our meeting took place, Beth Parlato’s message, reverberating from Darian NY, was reaching our community.

Chairman Robbins said of her: “Beth Parlato is a breath of fresh air in politics, which fanned the flames of hope in the Conservatives and Republican-Conservatives in our county. I have received a slew of correspondences from individuals across party lines, encouraging us to support her for months.

Looking at what is going on around our state and our nation, Beth best represents the integrity, intelligence and ability to articulate Conservative values. Her positions and values come from her core and are based in the natural law, unlike politicians who try to adapt themselves to their district, selling themselves as something they are not.”

The Ontario County Conservative Party is taking the position, that voters who usually use the Conservative Party as their voice in the process should vote their conscience in the special election on April 28th, 2020. However, we are recommending to State Chairman Jerry Kassar and the NYS Conservative Party that the state committee choose to endorse Beth Parlato.