GOP Chairs Appear “Off Base” on NY27.

Let me begin by saying, that in Ontario County: The Conservative Party and the Republican Party work well together in many situations. We have achieved much together for the betterment of our community. There have been and will be points of disagreement in the interpretation of a situation, or candidates; which is to be expected of active parties with different agendas. I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Trisha Turner and what she has been able to accomplish in Ontario County as Chair and as a leader across the state. We disagreed on Presidential Candidates fervently. I favored Conservative stalwart Ted Cruz, whereas she favored the now President Donald Trump. Afterward, we continued to have an excellent working relationship over the past several years, the way Americans should when we disagree.

Recently, Mrs. Turner released some statements in an article circulated in the Buffalo News media with which I think needed addressing. Generally, I try to respond to disagreements, critiques, and criticism in the same way they are disseminated. If in private, then in private. If on social media then on social media. Since an opinion was stated in such a public manner, I thought it pertinent to address the article publicly.

In this article, Mrs. Turner, along with county chairs came to the defense of another candidate’s voting record. Through an attack on the Conservative endorsed candidate, Beth Parlato in the race for NY27, Mrs. Turner and her colleagues attempted to disparage the way these truths, in the voting record, were communicated.

I completely disagree with Mrs. Turner in her analysis of the campaign literature and of Beth Parlato’s commitment to campaign promises. In addition, I observe, as an outsider to the Republican Party, that the county leaders have strayed off base in the NY27 race, both in their letter and candidate. Mrs. Parlato has stayed true to her campaign promises from the beginning, this even when, no one expected a global pandemic. It is necessary to provide contrast, showing the people what they are getting when they place the valuable power of a vote, in a candidate’s favor. In an election, any election, you WANT contrast, so you know what type of representative you are choosing: Unless the aim is to override the will of The People and eliminate any choice. It is clear this is not Mrs. Turner’s desire as she advocates for fair and open elections in her own counties primaries: When candidates have enough groundswell of support.

Every advertisement that I have seen from the Beth Parlato campaign has focused on factual information on her opponents. Having met, talked with, and researched every candidate that might support Conservative values and principles in the NY27 race, I can honestly say that as of today May 15th, 2020 the Parlato Campaign team is pointing out facts with regard to her opponent’s records. If we can not look to the historical voting records, actions, or deeds of a candidate for office, why even continue a democratic system of election. Perhaps as some may desire, we return to an aristocratic system, where only certain subsets of people represent the common man.

Frankly, I am surprised that Conservative candidate for NY 27, Beth Parlato has not pointed out yet that one of her main competitors rolled over and in a single vote of abdication of legislative authority, handed Governor Cuomo complete executive authority to change over 250 laws without our local representatives being involved. Something our own Conservative Senator Pam Helming (R) voted against! A representative that I believe both Mrs. Turner and I are proud to say represents us.

I believe the voters of Ontario County and the rest of NY27, want more representatives like Senator Pam Helming and fewer candidates that waffle in their political affiliation, voting records or stances. Upstate New Yorkers need more advocates who are willing to stand up and represent the small businesses and families of our region. Conservatives across NY27 spoke loud and clear when they refused to endorse for the special election.